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About us
Tiny Tents Co is a mom-driven business based in Central Oregon. Stephanie and Jeremy, the owners of Tiny Tents Co, spent their childhoods living in the magic of camping under the stars with their families. From the pine filled Deschutes National Forest to the ocean front sands of the Pacific Northwest, camping as children offered a vast array of backdrops for creating lasting memories. As children, Stephanie & Jeremy found other joys; sleepover's and over nighters with some of their best friends! Not much could be better than having some of your best friends over for a night of laughs, storytelling and imaginations running wild!
For years Stephanie became a surrogate, helping create families for those in need, and wanted to help others like her find the true joy in life- being a parent. As a mother herself, she also knows how important it is to engage a child's imagination and is making it her mission to bring the magic of camping and slumber parties into the homes of Central Oregon's youth. 
Stephanie & Jeremy understand how fast-paced and hectic life can be, that is why Tiny Tents Co not only delivers your party to you; but we set-up, stylize and pack it all up the next day, so you don't have to! We are dedicated to providing you with a worry-free, hassle-free event that will bring you and your guests happy moments and lasting memories. 
Wedding Corners, Baby Showers, Photo Shoots & More
If you see a fit for Tiny Tents Co at your next event, you can contact us with any questions you might have or, fill out a consultation form so we can get started with creating  your happy moments and lasting memories. 
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